Well-defined, organized and sustained, “buy local” campaigns are proven to effectively shift culture and spending.

This AMIBA publication is a key resource for successful “Buy Local” campaigns.
Learn about what makes a campaign fizzle and what you can do to make sure they thrive.

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Because GO LOCAL campaigns effectively engage local businesses and citizens we…

   Provide outreach materials to spread pro-local messaging

   Provide city governments, independent trade associations, Main Street programs, rural development agencies, and more with presentations and trainings to support their local entrepreneurs through customized initiatives.

   Share buy local campaign slogan and logo to strategic planning and board development examples and best practices.

While every community should develop its own identity and customize its messaging, the basic principles of effective buy local campaigns are universal.

Don’t lose momentum spending months researching and discussing issues when we can give you the guidance you need to succeed.

Independents Week (first week of July) connects “Go Local” campaigns with American ideals of independence and the freedom to control one’s own livelihood.

It celebrates entrepreneurial spirit, individuality, and recognizes the critical contributions independent businesses make to their communities.

Small Business Saturday (Saturday following Thanksgiving) aims to drive shoppers to local merchants at the launch of the holiday season through a national initiative that helps these merchants compete during the critical holiday shopping season.


Important clarification:

Some reports on the success of these initiatives neglect to mention the surveys measure the impact of campaigns sustained by grassroots organizations that promote locally-owned independent businesses, not merely those with a physical location in the community.

In recent years, hundreds of buy local campaigns have come and gone without making a measurable impact. But groups affiliating with AMIBA have a strong record of durability and impact over 18 years.

Our staff provide comprehensive support and unrivaled experience in helping people like you design and execute effective campaigns.