Strength In Numbers, December 2018

Dear Friends,

It’s the last newsletter of 2018, where non-profits are supposed to tell you how they’re going to solve big problems if you donate to them. But AMIBA isn’t the solution. You are

We know our readers already are taking important steps in their everyday lives, because we hear about them often. Convincing office-mates to shift lunch runs from a fast food chain to a local burrito shop, patronizing the independent local businesses that support community organizations, and more. But that alone is not enough.

Few corporate executives and politicians wake up seeking to harm entrepreneurs, weaken communities and undermine democracy; it’s the unconscious outcome of a broken system that requires more than good consumer choices to repair.

So we’re closing 2018 with a question:

What will YOU do differently in 2019 to strengthen your independent businesses, empower your fellow citizens, and refocus your governments to build community vitality and broaden opportunity for all?

In 2019 challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone to make real change. If you need ideas, remember AMIBA is always here to help.

Share your vision and ideas for 2019 with AMIBA 
so we can give you the tools and connections you need to make them happen.


Steps to Making Your Meetings an “Oh, Yes” Experience

One of the key elements of successful local business coalitions (and other organizations) is too often overlooked. In many ways, efficient, productive meetings that build enthusiasm are foundational to building powerful organizations.

We often hear the argument that patronizing local businesses is a nice option for those who can afford it, but in many business sectors, doing business locally is far from altruism — it’s a money saver! A recent NY Times op-ed provoked us to address the issue.


This new in-depth report from ILSR illustrates the alarming spread of dollar stores across both rural and urban communities. It also shares the story of Tulsa citizens fighting back against the saturation of such stores, which often displace and deter full-service grocery stores and kill jobs, among other concerns.

The understandable reluctance of private businesses to open up where a dollar store could easily take away enough business to make a full-service grocer lose money is one key reason we’re so excited to be driving ahead with plans for the Center for Community Ownership.


After years of debate, L.A. legalizes one of the most accessible forms of start-up entrepreneurship for low-income residents: sidewalk vending.


Corporate big box chains’ efforts to avoid paying a fair share of property taxes are creating huge legal bills and headaches for communities across the country. Get informed! If only someone had foreseen the danger posed by America’s over-supply of big box retail back at the turn of the century. Oh, wait.


Decentralized commerce is vital to democracy. Antitrust law is about more than economics. It’s a constitutional safeguard against unaccountable private power.


These 5 fresh FREE digital graphics are visually-stimulating ways to remind your community to #GoLocal this holiday season. Download for use online or in social media today! AMIBA affiliates – if you would like your logo incorporated, please contact us. NOTE: Large AMIBA logo is an example of logo placement.

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