AMIBA has spent the past year refining a project model and lining up professional partners to help communities fill crucial needs or prevent the loss of keystone businesses. These can include grocery stores, newspapers, cafes, internet providers and more.

We’re now ready to start working directly with people interested in exploring the community-owned business model to help them achieve their vision! We’re simultaneously pursuing funding to launch a full-service Center for Community Ownership to broaden business ownership and root it in communities. Learn more.

Independents Week celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and freedom our local businesses embody and provides a platform to help you generate positive attention for local entrepreneurs in the media, local government, and public alike. Many local groups have used the campaign as a debut initiative!

AMIBA makes it easy for you to seize the opportunity with a huge library of local activity examples, “how-tos” and free templates for posters, graphics and more. Start here!

Don’t let your employees get caught in a bad situation without preparation! See this new addition to AMIBA’s collection of Business Against Bigotry resources to make sure you’re prepared to defuse potentially volatile confrontations. Essential reading for storefront businesses, but broadly applicable.


AMIBA makes it easy for you to seize the opportunity with a huge library of local activity examples, “how-tos” and free templates for posters, graphics and more.


The Black Women in Business forum is part of an ongoing Arkansas Women in Business event series to explore challenges, opportunities and ways to increase the number of black women entrepreneurs.


Local First Milwaukee hosted When Women Lead MKE, a sold-out event networking participants toward making the city a better place to live and work.

Local First (SW Colorado) used their weekly show local-first on KDUR Community Radio to get city council candidates on the record about issues of concern for local businesses leading up to a spring election. They also held a meet-and-greet for their members to engage directly with the candidates.

We encourage every Independent Business Alliance to generate media coverage conveying the importance of their local businesses. Spokane Metro IBA just became the latest Alliances to take it a step further by creating their own media, launching a new magazine!

Locally Owned Murfreesboro and the Smyrna Independent Merchants Association, representing independent businesses in communities just 20 miles apart, are collaborating to honor the best local businesses in the region with their Light Up Local Firefly Awards.


This is promising. Governing magazine reports on the trend of state lawmakers working to thwart corporate subsidies through legislation to prevent corporations from being able to pit states against each other. Share with your legislators!


Breaking Up Monopolies Becomes a National Campaign Issue!

While many people and organizations have been working for years to revive antitrust enforcement law, US Senator Elizabeth Warren’s plan to dismantle tech monopolies has helped push antitrust into the political spotlight.

Breaking up monopolies is not a partisan issue, however. American Conservative, for example, has done a fine job highlighting the destruction wreaked by corporate consolidation and the need to stop it, as in these two recent reports on how monopolies have hollowed out rural America.

To say enforcing antitrust law is good for consumers is a huge understatement when it comes to medical care & drugs. Competition among hospitals saves lives, as this NY Times report details.

Lastly, a bipartisan Senate coalition is calling for the Government Accountability Office to assess non-compete clauses in employment contracts out of concern they “could slow economic and wage growth, reduce productivity and competition in labor markets, and create significant barriers to entrepreneurship and innovation.”


Madrid closed the city center to cars during the 2018 holiday period and, despite some early concerns, analysis shows storefront revenue increase by 9.5 percent compared to the previous year. Notably cleaner air was another benefit.


This new report from Civic Economic and the American Booksellers Association shows what communities are losing as Amazon Inc. leverages its market power and tax avoidance tactics to grab a growing percentage of retail sales.

You likely heard about AMZ avoiding any income tax despite netting $11 billion last year, but few stories explained how the corporation did it within the law. In related news, Amazon’s total number of federal entities lobbied was higher than any other public company’s. See this visualization by Axios, using data from the Center for Responsive Politics.


Consolidation in the eyeglass industry gets relatively little attention, but gouges millions of customers.


Failing to identify and help talent among poor and minority students isn’t just unfair, but diminishes innovation and overall economic vitality.


Small businesses are frequent victims of inadequate cyber security, and losses can be crippling. This tool package and guidance by the Global Cyber Alliance can drastically reduce your risk.


AMIBA thanks Dana Eness as she steps off AMIBA’s board after six years of service. Dana continues to help the independent business of New Orleans thrive through her work with Stay Local!

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